About Us

His Story (BlessedBrother)

Born at an early age in Port Huron, Michigan, I have always been drawn to the concept of adding value to the lives of others.

Initially, that took the form of entertaining as a drummer/musician. It all started with a Bugs Bunny drum set at age four. Fast forward to today: I have written over 100 songs.
Raised in a Christian home, I was able to avoid some of the pitfalls that kids encounter in these times. My focus was on being a good student. This focus would not only serve me scholastically but also fed my hunger for information that could be used to bless the lives of others.

It was during the time that I was working on my MBA at The Ohio State University that I made a huge discovery.

To my surprise, the wealthy people that we were studying were not folks that had climbed the corporate ladder as I had previously thought. No, in fact the vast majority of financially successful people had their own businesses.

This started a lifelong pursuit of learning and applying critical information from business mentors such as Robert Kiyosaki and Stephen Covey. While at the same time staying rooted in sound Biblical principles through my relationship with spiritual mentors such as Gary and Drenda Keesee, Rod Parsley and Joel Osteen.

One of the central things that I learned is that Success is not always an either-or proposition. Usually the answer can be "both".

I have learned that you can rock in a career in Corporate America while at the same time help others exchange financial bondage for financial dignity.

I am passionate about helping people apply the things I have been blessed to learn to make this possible.

Her Story (BlessedSister)

Born and raised in Wilmington, Ohio to wonderful loving parents. My mom and dad ensured that I was fully aware of the creator of the universe and that our home environment maintained a respect and admiration of Father God.

Having this foundation of faith helped me understand there’s so much more to this life than status quo living. Our lives have meaning and purpose. We were sent here to express the love of the Father. He desires for us to live a life of abundance. (John 10:10b)

He has put everything in place for us to learn, grow, and prosper on this journey and help others do the same.

As a learner (one of my top 5 according to the StrengthsFinder’s assessment), I’m very observant. Even in my early adulthood, I would listen to people of influence talk about what they did to be successful in life. 

Personal development seemed to be a key to success. I began adding teachings from success mentors to my daily routine.

Another observation I made was noticing people who were winning at non-laborious and non-traditional jobs; like the corporate world I was in. I also noticed they appeared to be having fun and were adding value to others.

As I continued renewing my mind and applying the success principles to my life, successful results began showing up in deeper ways than I had imagined. I learned how to transform my thinking to change my results. Now, I’m blessed to help others, like you, identify the blind spots that limit them from reaching their goals. 

I am passionate about helping people increase awareness, tap into infinite potential, and blessed to show them how to achieve their desired results.

Our Story

(Founders of the BlessedLife Team)

We came together as single people who had already achieved success. Together we have formed new partnerships and gained new mentors, such as late Bob Proctor, Ferny Ceballos and Grant and Elena Cardone.

Our approach is rooted in sound Biblical principles while avoiding the common misconceptions.

Since 1990, we have successfully helped 100s of people use proven principles (that do not change) and the latest strategies/techniques (that change almost monthly) to reach their financial objectives.

Unlike most providers who will sell you a solution but offer no ongoing support to ensure your success, we take it personally when we work with you.

We leverage our experiences to help both single and married people reach success on their own terms. If you are ambitious, teachable, and have integrity, we can help you achieve a whole new level of success!

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